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Autism & Sensory Processing:
Concepts, Evidence & BEST Strategies

Upcoming Course Dates: October 19th, 2024 to January 17th, 2025

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Moira has created a very well organized and comprehensive online course on Autism and Sensory Processing.  She is a gifted presenter who generously shares her knowledge with confidence.  Her passion for her work is evident.  As an occupational therapist who has worked in the area of pediatrics for 25 years, I appreciated her insights on current shifts in practice.  I gained new knowledge that I was able to incorporate immediately into my practice.  Evidence-based information was imbedded into every module.  After completing this course I feel more confident in my ability to support clients with sensory processing challenges.  In my opinion, this course is essential for occupational therapists and other health professionals who work with autistic children.”

Julie bially
occupational therapist

“Thank you Moira for this online course! It was such amazing information! You are very knowledgeable and I really appreciated how you broke down the information and explained it so well so it was easy to follow. I really appreciated the theoretical foundations and the BEST strategies as I am now able to implement these into my sessions for the purposes of helping my clients with co-regulation and self-regulation so that they can be ready to learn and communicate.”

speech-language PATHOLOGIST

“As someone whose brain often gets overwhelmed and overloaded with information during standard professional development trainings, this course was incredible for me! The hybrid-online format allowed me the flexibility to navigate through the material at my own pace, pausing, reflecting, and revisiting the content as needed. The course materials, including numerous additional handouts and resources, were well-organized and valuable for future use. The practicality of the course content was amazing, as it was immediately applicable to my school based practice. The Q&A sessions provided a great space to ask questions and connect with both Moira and fellow participants. This course is an amazing foundation for any clinician working with autistic children.” 

jessica fawcett
occupational therapist

“This course was a delight to do! Lots of insights and great resources! The most important perspective is the autistic people getting their voices heard throughout the entire course! Professionals recognizing their flaws and growing by side of the autistic community is priceless! Strategies, explanation of the tools, all really well done, even for someone like me who is not an OT.  Thank you for teaching me to better understand myself and my son.


“As a relatively new graduate, I was in need of an evidence-based approach to sensory processing for clients on the autism spectrum. That is exactly what I found with Moira’s course. On top of that, Moira also provided education in a client-centred, neurodiversity-affirming approach, which I greatly appreciated. This course provided me with a plethora of practical resources to use in my practice. I especially appreciated the live sessions where we could discuss topics as a group and ask questions. I believe this course is invaluable for any therapist wanting to gain knowledge, tools, and confidence in their work with autistic individuals.

danielle baumann
occupational therapist

“I cannot overstate the impact this course had on my understanding of sensory processing and my ability to support individuals on the autism spectrum. It provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge, evidence-based strategies, and a newfound confidence in my therapy approach. The course was thoughtfully structured, with a clear progression of topics that built upon one another. Moira’s expertise was evident in her clear explanations and insightful examples. The course also provided a wealth of additional resources that I was able to incorporate immediately into my practice. This course would be invaluable for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of autism and sensory processing.”

Karen Lee
occupational therapist

“I really enjoyed your Level 1 online course!  The content was thorough, practical and well-organized and the evidence was clearly indicated which is always helpful to guide and inform our practices.  I really valued the flexibility of viewing the modules at my own pace and schedule, and the live sessions were wonderful to discuss the course content, brainstorm together, and network.  The course was validating for my current practice as an OT, but also a great reminder for other information as well as learning some new strategies that I can incorporate into my practice.  It definitely met my expectations and I have already recommended it to several other colleagues.”  

jennifer kinny
occupational therapist

“I  loved your course especially all of the up to date research on sensory processing and ASD! I am still listening to your wonderful course and always learning something new each time I listen. It was amazing to have been part of the online discussions with OTs, SLPs and other service providers from all around the globe. A dynamic and interactive learning platform that was both academic and practical. By completing your course I can confirm that I have learned so much and grown as therapist. Thanks to your course, I am currently using many new sensory based approaches and strategies in my practice with autistic adults with more confidence knowing about the results and research backing my interventions!

Andrea McFeely
senior occupational therapist

I cannot speak highly enough about this course. As a relatively new graduate, I was in search of a course to expand my knowledge on how to support my client’s sensory-based needs.  This course provides excellent evidenced-based information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed watching all the videos, and further appreciated that Moira explained the science behind sensory processing and recommended strategies. Moira also provided several additional resources, and most importantly is kind and approachable for any questions one might have. This course also maintains a neurodiversity-affirming lens, which is essential for practitioners providing support to autistic individuals and their families.”

occupational therapist

I participated in Moira’s workshop on Sensory Processing and Sensory-Based Interventions for Children. Moira presented as extremely knowledgeable and passionate. I got the opportunity to learn about the implementation of core concepts of solution-focused communication with parents and caregivers, select and implement specific evidence-based intervention strategies for meaningful occupations, and many others! Moira responded to all questions without hesitation and included practical examples that all participants can relate to in their own work. Moira is truly an exceptional presenter with such a beautiful soul and spirit which was shown throughout the workshop. Truly an inspiration!

occupational therapist

“I highly recommend this course for anyone in the field looking to gain a deeper understanding of sensory challenges. Moira’s expertise and guidance throughout the course were exceptional and instrumental in helping me better understand these complex topics. This course has been an incredibly valuable learning experience, not only for understanding and supporting individuals with autism but also for its applicability to the adult population. The strategies and insights shared have given me a deeper understanding of sensory processing challenges and how they impact individuals on the autism spectrum. What sets this course apart is Moira’s ability to bridge theory with practical applications, making it accessible and relevant to a wide range of learners. It’s an investment in knowledge that pays dividends in providing more effective support and care to individuals of all ages.”

rohit malik
occupational therapist

“Moira has a fabulous way of presenting very important information in a meaningful and accessible way. I really appreciated her wealth of knowledge and resources. Her slides, videos, graphics helped make an online course engaging and wonderful to learn from. Taking this course also helped boost my confidence and reinforced how much I love working with kids! Moira, it has truly been a pleasure learning from you. Thank you for adding to my knowledge and course was a delight to do!”

Mira Miller
occupational therapist

“I completed this course after listening to Moira speak at another conference. Her genuineness, knowledge, and passion towards providing strength based, neuro-affirming intervention based on the most up to date evidence makes her so engaging to listen too. I loved the hybrid learning model to the course where I was able to complete the modules at my own pace but then had the opportunity to participate in interactive discussion groups where there was opportunity to apply learned information into everyday / practical situations. The course material and resources shared within the course have been a great asset to me in my everyday practice and have been something I continue to reference. Thank you, Moira, for your ongoing leadership and willingness so share your knowledge and experiences with others.”

occupational therapist

“Moira’s Autism & Sensory Processing: Concepts, Evidence & BEST Strategies course contains foundational learning as well as the latest evidence on supporting children and adults with sensory processing differences. A strengths-based neurodiversity affirming and trauma-informed approach is central to the whole course. Moira centres Autistic people’s voices and experiences in examples and all assessment/intervention principles. I love the clarity of her BEST model and can directly apply it to my work as a school-based occupational therapist. Her practical strategies have increased my confidence for starting a new school year with effective skills and tools. Thank you Moira for offering this much needed course!”  

occupational therapist